Oprah Winfrey announces on national television that she has chosen a book on menopause as her new bible

Oprah Winfrey announces on national television that she has chosen a book on menopause as her new bible.

House of Ra Publishing Company announces the release of its latest book, Help I Need a Fan-A Rite of Passage from Woman to Goddess, by author Rashida Ali. This work is a non-fictional testimonial of the divine benefits of menopause. Not only is Oprah menopausal and suffering from the effects of its condition, but so are women around the globe.

She announced on her national television show that a menopause book had become her new bible. Women from the baby boom generation are entering into menopause at the rate of 4,000 per day. The new age concepts contained in this work prove to be invaluable for the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual well being of women.

Seventy-six million Americans were born between 1946 and 1964, the years that have become known as the baby boom. The first set of women from these years (over fifty-million), are well into their fifties and are now experiencing debilitating symptoms of this syndrome known as menopause. The author herself is among this group of women and after experiencing for the past nine years the many phases of this phenomenon, now offers a refreshing account with natural and alternative solutions to the traditional pharmaceutical therapy.

“This is not only a timely message but unique as well”, said Iris Rafia, House of Ra’s marketing manager, “because rather than focusing on the ill effects, it conversely from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, focuses on positive change, growth and renewal, with a brand new understanding of this age old malady”. This journey from woman to goddess will transform the thinking and antiquated beliefs and concepts of menopause and elevate the woman to physical and spiritual wholeness.

“Not only baby boom women but women of all generations along with male readers will benefit from this experience”, Rafia said. “The concepts rendered are refreshing as well as empowering and leaves the reader on a spiritual high!”

The author is available for interviews, workshops, and speaking engagements. (See attached bio and fee schedule).

Help I Need a Fan will be available in book stores soon; but can be purchased now on www.Amazon.com or www.bn.com


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